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The Kitchen Cabinet was a term used by political opponents of President of the United States Andrew Jackson to describe his ginger group, the collection of unofficial advisors he consulted in parallel to the United States Cabinet the “parlor cabinet” following his purge of the cabinet at the end of the Eaton affair .When people get downstairs and put on the lights they see, in some cases, that the kitchen cabinets have fallen over and that the crockery has been broken..Kitchen cabinet definition Journalists sometimes refer to the unofficial advisers of a prime minister or president | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and .Noun. a cupboard built into a kitchen or a chest of drawers for kitchen use, as for dishes and silverware. a group of unofficial advisers on whom a head of government appears to rely heavily.. an informal group of advisers to one in a position of power such as the head of a government a cupboard with drawers and shelves for use in a kitchen..Define kitchen cabinet. kitchen cabinet synonyms, kitchen cabinet pronunciation, kitchen cabinet translation, English dictionary definition of kitchen cabinet. n..Define kitchen cabinet noun and get synonyms. What is kitchen cabinet noun ? kitchen cabinet noun meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan .A cabinet or cupboard in a kitchen [oftenK C ]. the group of unofficial advisors on whom President Jackson relied any similar group on whom a governmental .Andrew Jackson s informal circle of advisers was called his Kitchen Cabinet, and the term is still used today in political discussions..

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