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Jean Luc Antoine Pierre Melenchon is a French politician who has been a member of the National Assembly since . After joining the Socialist Party in , .French police question Jean Luc Melenchon over alleged misuse of funds. Allegations relate to staff payments and presidential campaign accounts..Anti corruption investigators have raided the home and party headquarters of Jean Luc Melenchon, prompting a furious and potentially illegal .France Unbowed leader rails against Macron, media and prosecutors as investigators examine his campaign books..Jeremy Corbyn is promising to forge closer ties with his French counterpart Jean Luc Melenchon, the leader of the hard left La France .Left wing politician Jean Luc Melenchon gets an online roasting for mocking the accent of a reporter from south western France. The MP for Marseille in the .French police on Thursday questioned leftist leader Jean Luc Melenchon for five hours in connection with two funding probes after raids on his .One of the candidates in France s presidential election, Jean Luc Melenchon, has launched his campaign as a hologram. The veteran hard left politician took to .Angelique Chrisafis joins charismatic hard left firebrand Jean Luc Melenchon on the presidential campaign trail..The Melenchon campaign has breathed new life into the French left in recent weeks, soaring to a competitive position in the polls and drawing .

Blog de Jean Luc M lenchon, d put europ en. Retrouvez ici ses articles, ses vid os et son actualit ..Biography Early life Jean Luc M lenchon was born in Tangier Tangier International Zone , Morocco. His father, Georges, was a postmaster of Spanish descent, and his mother, Jeanine Bayona, was a primary school teacher of Spanish and .The latest Tweets from Jean Luc M lenchon @JLMelenchon . D put de la e circo des Bouches du Rh ne, pdt du grpe @FranceInsoumise. JLM ne tweete pas en personne..Cha ne Youtube officielle de Jean Luc M lenchon. Dans ce e num ro de la Revue de la Semaine, Jean Luc M lenchon revient sur les conditions de l’ lection de Bolsonaro au Br sil..The latest Tweets from melenchon @postbadjeanluc . viv chonchon. .Jean Luc M lenchon of the French far left Parti de Gauche and candidate for the French presidential election, attends a political rally in Dijon, France, ..Letters It is a grim choice for the majority in France who don’t like free trade and want tighter immigration controls, but who don’t want to vote for the extreme right, writes Colin Hines.French far left leader M lenchon and former PM Valls locked in war of words French lawmakers Jean Luc M lenchon and Manuel Valls have gone from being comrades to enemies..F our days before the first round of the French presidential election, Europe is terrified by the prospect of a runoff between Marine Le Pen and Jean Luc M lenchon.Whoever wins, we are told, the .The Best Living Room Design Ideas. Get News About Melenchon . The Best Melenchon Get Melenchon Online.

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